Dance Audition Info, Tips and Tricks

Preparation is key when showing up for a dance company audition

Auditions are difficult for everyone. The better you can prepare yourself for an audition (whether a cattle call or Company Class setting), the more comfortable and composed you will be. You want to get to a point where nothing else matters and all you need to focus on is being at peace within your own style, technique and experience.

We have created an overview of tips to consider when preparing for your next audition. If you personally have any tips you would like to share with the community, please submit them here…

Audition Preparation (click to expand)

  • Do your homework. Know about the company you’re auditioning for. Know the names of the Directors, the Ballet Master, Ballet Mistress and Teachers. What style or technique is used at the company?
  • When considering a company, answer these questions: Where do you want to live? What repertoire does the company do? How often do they tour? Are they a part of a union?
  • Be around your dream company. Immerse yourself in their works. Go to their Summer Programs. Get to know the people at the company. See company shows when possible. These steps can be of great assistance simply because the company’s staff is now familiar with who you are come audition time.
  • The second you walk in the building where you are auditioning, be mentally and emotionally present. You never know who you might run into.
  • It is okay to say “hello” to people you meet through the process of the audition. Don’t go overboard though; it might make Directors uncomfortable.
  • What to wear: Be in a colorful leotard that you love to wear. If you feel good about what you’re wearing, it will help you be more “you” during the audition.
  • Bring a couple of leotards, tights and skirts to the audition so you can change if needed.
  • Your hair should be neat. Auditions are like a performance.
  • Men, get a hair cut if needed. You want to be presented as a clean cut professional.
  • Women, you want to wear make-up, but do not go crazy. You want to accentuate your features.
  • Find out what shoes you should wear for barre and center. It is okay to ask! Best time is when you are registering.
  • Women, when wearing Pointe shoes, make sure your ribbons do not pop out. Always have a couple pairs of Pointe shoes with you. Consider bringing two newer pairs and one pair that is well broken in. Cut off any fringe you have on the tips of your shoes!

During Your Audition (click to expand)

  • During the audition, start showing your artistry at the barre. At the company audition level, the last thing Directors want to see is someone that is technical with no emotion. It’s okay to smile. You want to present to the Director that you enjoy what you’re doing.
  • Watch the person teaching the class closely. For combinations, pay close attention to the style, the head, hands, sharpness and fluidity of each. It shows the Director how fast you can pick up choreography.
  • During auditions, companies typically do cuts. If you do get cut, don’t take it personally. It could just be the wrong time for you to join their company. DON’T GIVE UP! A Director’s decision can come down to height, coloring, specific skills, all based on what the company is doing for the coming season.

After Your Audition (click to expand)

  • At the end of an audition, Directors will talk to you and ask you questions. They will tell you what they are thinking, what positions they have available and when you might hear from them.
  • If you don’t hear from them by the time they told you, give them a call or send a letter with your Lyquid Talent Resume Profile. It will better your chances of advancing with their company.

Extra Information if you're taking Company Class (click to expand)

  • When you are auditioning for a company via a company class, pay close attention to the dancers around you. See what the women/men wear for barre and center.
  • Do not stand in a company member’s spot. Ask a dancer where is the best place to stand would be. There is nothing worse than getting kicked off barre because you’re standing in someone’s spot. The same thought goes for center or going across the floor.
  • Respect the dancers in the company. After a company class, most Directors will talk to you. Be respectful, strong and at peace.

Tips from Directors and what they look for during an audition:

Tips from Directors and what they look for during an audition:

  • Show your personality. Be yourself!
  • Don’t wear extra clothing. It may make them think you’re hiding something.
  • Good Musicality – Someone who moves with the music. Make the music radiate through your body.
  • Consistency!
  • Men:
    – How strong you are through your entire jump.
    – 4-5 pirouettes
    – Strong partnering skills
  • Women:
    – 32 fouettés
    – 6 O’clock penché
    – Strong Pointe work
    – Strong partnering skills
  • Some Directors like specific colors. Do research and try to find out what the company looks for.
  • Do not get discouraged. Ever.