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Are you looking for some extra income while dancing or working at a dance company?

We are currently adding a “street team” of promoters and are offering commissions in return!

Positions are limited and only 1-2 openings per area.

Please fill out the form below and explain why you would be a great promoter of Lyquid Talent and we’ll be in touch!

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Promoting yourself as a professional dancer is a difficult task.

Your schedule is already busy enough with long class schedules, a slammed audition season, dance auditions and living life in general. The last thing you need is to figure out how to make yourself look awesome online without spending a ton of money.

Lyquid Talent is our way of giving back to the dance community by providing you with a premium and fully supported dancer website at a very low monthly fee. We’re able to extend these large discounts to help you thanks in part to our successful and popular business marketing program through our parent Lyquid Agency.

We exist to help you as an artist, grow.